Friday Flash: Leave me at the door


There was a time they used to fight over me. But I am long forgotten now, old, creaky, left by the door, waiting to rust. To diminish.

But there was a time they would fight over me.

My uncle Ketewel once told me that we should never long to be ridden – to be subject to a master. That we are our own and we should only be taken for rides because we want to. Them humans, he said, are funny creatures, they claim you and care for you when you need it the least, and when you are old, and need it most, that is when they leave you at the door.

The new broom sweeps clean Ronjie, he would tell me, the new broom is what they after.

So I began to give up the hope I had for them creatures. I began to accept that they will never come back, they will never come back to fight over me.

And it was then they lost their claim over me. They lost it when they left me. And I was free.

I am free.

I will roam as I choose.

I am the bike at the door, ride me if you will, take me places, I will go as far as I can, but when I am done riding always put be back me at my door.

For I am my own.

Friday Flash

(this short story was also inspired by my rationalisations on the subject of autonomy, the recent Sulu-Sabah situation, and statements by many Sabahans friends including this particular statement by Sabahan artist Yee I-Lann:

“The Sultanate of Brunei was a colonising overlord over territories that now constitute Sabah – who gave some of that territory to another colonizing overlord the Sultanate of Sulu who went into business with another colonizing overlord the British North Borneo Chartered Company who gave Sabah to the British Crown. The people who lived in those territories that now make the territory of Sabah were not asked what they thought or how they felt about any of these power handovers. They did not have a referendum or cast a vote.

Sabah exercised her right to self determination for the first time in her history, by becoming her own sovereign and independent state on 31st August 1963 rejecting all previous overlords and colonizers. She then decided to join Sarawak and Malaya (and Singapore) and form a new country called Malaysia on the 16th of September 1963. Without Sabah there would be no Malaysia.

The Sultanate of Sulu and the Philippines do not have a claim over Sabah because the people of Sabah have rejected them and made a choice through the right to self-determination. This choice is reinstated at every general election and every time we pay our Malaysian taxes.

Ask Sabahans what they think about the Philippines and the Sultanate of Sulu’s claim to Sabah. Sabah belongs to Sabahans.” ) – for more see this article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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