Sobriety for artists

…and I get refill three or four and the wine is making my bones loose and it’s giving my hair a red sheen and my breasts are blooming and my eyes feel sultry and wise and the dress is water.
~ Aimee Bender, Willful Creatures


Of course it’s fun being in the Land of the Opposite of Sober.

Especially on days when the art is crap
and the sky’s water breaks over your laundry
and your nose gets attacked by a cold
and everything feels wrong, wrong, wrong

It’s tempting to
pile on the drinks, drugs and slumber
shroud your mind in blankets
watch the world go by

No worries no cares

It’s easy to abandon work in favour of escape
thinking that all is lost –
and that destroying your alertness will solve it all

Emotions are wild and your art is crappy today
but keep your head on
keep your eyes looking straight in the mirror, liking what you see,
no need for drugs or alcohol today please

The world needs you, sober artist.

When you pull yourself together and start pushing through the pain, writing from your heart, you will heal your readers… and you will heal you.

Melanie Tan writes every day – for money and for love. More here.