Wednesday Stories: Sham

As she looked out at the islands scattered around the boat she was on she felt a sudden surge in her middle that brought tears to her eyes. Her Jon was surrounded by the girls he never thought he could have. She looked back at her husband and saw instead of the divine man she married a fish, slippery, always ready to dive into the sea of those women. Before she came along he was regular Joe, quiet, geeky, with self esteem the size of an ant. A small white ant, insignificant and so easy to squash. She saw the potential in him, picked him up, brushed off the sand, the mud, the muck and transformed him with her love into this Jon. The man that every girl wants. She looked out at the blue sky, and choking back the tears as she realised everything about him she loved, they loved, was her creation. Beneath all that she knew, he was nothing and their marriage was a sham.