Friday Flash: I believe in fairies



“We’re nearly there!”


The duo had spent days hiking uphill. They wanted to do it the unconventional way, the way nobody uses, and to Sasha it felt like they had been going on forever.

“I do not understand why you have to make things difficult for yourself Shy, normal people take a day and a half to get there, us? we have been lost for a day and a half!”

Shiloh ignored her sister and kept walking uphill. They looked exactly the same, boasting the same intricate features and a pretty face and many are tricked to believe they are one in the same. They are not. Shiloh believes in fairies, but Sasha does not.

She was getting tired now, and they finally for back to the road-most-travelled she sat on a rock and watched the trails of climbers traipse upwards. The blue around her was so beautiful she wanted so much to be a part of it. Sasha glanced back at her sister and saw the girl starry eyed staring at the sky. She too looked at the sky.

The sun emerged from a tiny cloud that had been blown a little to the right and a glare formed. The girls squinted as they stared out at the vastness of all around them. Shiloh slowly got up and walked towards her sister who reminded her that it is a long way down. She smiled and then closed her eyes and imagined a host of fairies lifting them both up by their t-shirts, and carrying them back down.