Elsa wandered into the room, wondering what lay behind the cream door. It was a bathroom.


Light streamed through – it was day outside. And judging by the intensity of the heat, it was about midday. She couldn’t tell where this bathroom was though. It was winter when she last noticed and the sun had been timid, hiding behind torrents of snow and grey clouds.


She counted the stalls that were here. Four. There were grey sinks facing them, all of which had lizard heads in place of taps. She suddenly had an overwhelming urge to take a leak. It blew her over, and caused her to panic. It’s like those times when she was stuck in rush hour traffic on the I-22 and the gallons of water she had drunked throughout the day decided that right that very moment was the time it had to leave her body all at once. She had asked her doctor if it was possible that for a bladder to be against its owner.


She rushed to the first stall, where the door indicated blue, thus claiming that it was unlocked. But that wasn’t right. It was locked. And so were the other doors that had blue instead of red indicators.


Struck with panic, she didn’t know what to do. She keeled over, begging for something, anything to happen, and to resolve this weird situation.


With nothing else to do, she let go wearing a face of grimace. She soon opened her eyes, half expecting to face an unwanted situation. But there was nothing there.


She was standing in the middle of a desert. The same lizards that were taps were now crawling around her, in a circle. The air was dry and the sun was scorching. It was definitely midday. Dust danced around her.


There was nothing in sight, but fields of gold sand that seemed iridescent in the sunlight. It was an oasis of gold, and she was struck by its beauty. She wanted to jump into it, like the pool she used to go to when she was 7. Momma always said she had to take a shower, rinse off whatever other people didn’t want to share with her when she got into the pool with them. But the moving ripples always called out her name. She had to bite her lip to control her excitement.


Elsa ran. She jumped over the lizards who were now up on their hindlegs and dancing around her in a circle. Like those women from The Ya Ya sisterhood, or whatever it was called.


She ran as fast as she could, faster than she had ever been able to at the gym or during her track days. The sand felt like concrete to her feet, and she could leap up off it. She even did somersaults in the air.


Laughing, she kept at it. There was more of this oasis to see, and it seemed to go on and on, stretching as far as the blue sky above it did.


Finally she jumped, reaching for the sky and was prepared to delve into the sand and let it swallow her up.


But a pelican caught her. It held her in its beak as it flapped its huge wings. Held closely in beak-grip, she felt warm and fuzzy. It continued to flap its giant wings and they cut through the wind. There was a sandstorm coming.


It must have been the sound of the wings. Its loud flapping coupled with the whistling of the wind, sent Elsa to sleep.


She woke up. It was 50 years later. Her skin, once tight and firm changed, wearing more sunspots than before. Her hair, once a sweet strawberry blonde had wisps of grey in them, and stretched far below her waistline.


Naked, she found herself lying on top of a turtle. It was a huge turtle. As big as a car. It was drifting on a marina, and there were those lizards again. They wore top hats and had seemed to have grown a beard. They were in a heated debate, and it was probably because of the card game they were playing. They had thick British accents. What cultured lizards, Elsa thought.


Feeling a little hungry (sleeping for that long does that to you), she slid off the turtle’s shell. The water was cold, but it was a refreshing type of cold, not the type that bites you.


She swam and swam, and came upon a little dock. Climbing on top of it, she found a little patch of strawberries. There were so many of them. She picked them, and ate to her heart’s content.


Smiling, she looked up at the sky and let the sun kiss her one more time. There couldn’t have been a better way to have spent her life.


Letting go a troubled past, delving into adventures, claiming opportunities and falling into the arms of her beloved.


She awoke, nestled in his arms, kissed him on his cheeks.


“That dream again baby girl?”, he muttered half-asleep, pulling her closer. “Yes, love, the best ever”.