Change and questions

The world is always going through change.

Most of us – even those out of the literary world – will know that how we read, write and publish is evolving every minute.

For a while, I felt sad seeing various Borders branches shut down. I didn’t like seeing more people reading on their phones. I resisted the idea of the eBook until I eventually wrote one myself. As a writer, I worried about the current publishing climate.

No longer.

These are interesting times, exciting times. Times in which it is easier and harder to make waves; to build your own stage; to sell; to lose. These are times in which writers have the option to self-publish, and in which published folk have to stay on top of their game to keep being published.

These are times which make me think harder about why I write – what and how I read – why and how I want to publish.

These are times which make me appreciate how amazing it is to be human.

These are times which make me quiver at the power of words and media – and shudder at the way some people abuse these things (may I stay forever humble!).

These are times which make me realise how, at the end of the day, many people still want the same things generations before always wanted: love. Connection. Truth. Beauty. We just have different ways of swimming towards those things now.

What will we build and support in the next weeks, months, years?

Melanie Tan writes every day – for money and for love. More here.