ISSUE is currently on hiatus and will be returning in August 2013 with a batch of new themes to explore, and we’re looking for contributions of all kinds – fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, commentary, illustrations, mixed-media pieces, audio, video, interviews. Our 4 C’s are collaboration, community, conversation and creation. We want to bring great minds and hands together to make work double or triple what it could be from one person, and we want to use our community to sharpen and better that work, for a truly mutually beneficial platform of expression.

Listed below are our themes, the publication month and the deadlines for each theme. If you have an idea for a future ISSUE, don’t wait, email us and have a chat with anyone from our enthusiastic team of editors. If you are a writer looking to collaborate with an illustrator or vice versa, we can make that happen. If you want to contribute but don’t have an idea, please email us and we can hash out the possibilities.

ISSUE has been our collective passion project for a year, and we know the only way to make it better is to keep our community thriving and fresh and interesting, and we hope you can help, either by contributing or sharing this invitation.

The themes are:

YOUTH (Aug 2013, deadline: July 31 2013)

HUNGER (Oct 2013 d: Sept 30 2013)

OTHER* (Dec 2013 d: Nov 30 2013)

BIRTH (Feb 2014 d: Jan 31 2013)

SKIN (April 2014 d: March 31 2013)

*OTHER will feature pieces exploring words in foreign languages not easily translated in English & uncommon English words, we’re readying a list which we’ll announce on our social media networks, but if you’ve got one of your own you want to explore just let us know.

Issue Magazine is a not-for-profit project, which unfortunately means we cannot provide compensation for any contributions. We regret this, but we hope we can provide a professional and nourishing creative experience for anyone who takes a gamble on us. So if you’re keen, please email us at We can also be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (!