Excerpts from Cafe Vinaigrette

Earl Grey special English brew served with lavender honey and milk on request, choice of cup or pot

“Good morning, peanut.”
“Did you have a good night’s sleep, sweetness?”
“The best, my eclair, I’m feeling good today.”
“I’m so glad to hear that, sugar bean, how good to feel good!”
“Indeed, and I think I’m feeling up for a walk, lotus cake. Join me?”
“There’s toast and jam, and eggs and hash browns, and sausages and bacon and mushrooms on the grill oh but do let’s have breakfast first, my darling plum.”
“Pudding pie, I would love nothing more.”
“Wonderful! Tea, honey bear?”

Gin Tonic Hendrick’s gin, tonic water and two slices of lemon   

Her: You love me but you don’t know it yet.
Him: You are delusional. Delusional.
Her: But until you are wanting, I shall leave it at that.

Her: You love me but you don’t know it yet.
Him: You are drunk. It’s the gin talking.
Her: I know things that you don’t.

And he laughed. At her.

Then there was a silence.
And then she said it again. And again. And again.
Until the walls of his heart came down.

And he saw it. The creature sat looking at him, starry-eyed.

Her: You love me, and you know it.
And he smiled. Silently, on the inside.
Him: What’s for supper?

She knew it. She always did.