He Never Hesitated by Lutfi Hakim

The piece Lutfi Hakim shared at Draftspace.

ISSUE Magazine

His words were assured and clear.

He knew how he felt about her. In every letter he wrote, whether they were long or brief, simple or wieldy, the tenderness and longing was obvious.

He knew how he felt; every night, he made sure he wrote it down – every pent-up daydream, each fluttering hurt. He never missed a single day; every night, he’d brush his teeth, wipe his hands on the towel hanging over the sink and sit down to write.

Dear Anna,

He’d tell her about the day, everything he wanted to hear. His hands spoke with great honesty, they did not stay away from the gaze that lingered a bit too long on bus girl’s neckline, or the scolding that he got from Mr Kareem that day for messing up his deadlines. He told her how he was glad that he caught the sunset, even if it was…

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