Our Story

Building culture, feeding souls.

Picture a world without literature, without stories. What a black and white and gray world it would be.

Author Dina Zaman was perched on her seat one morning, sipping tea one and engaged in an intense conversation with a fellow writer.

“Writing, my dear, is essential, fiction or non-fiction it captures history and it stores it. And when readers read it, it’s there. They find out about who we are, who they themselves are,” she said. For writers though, gaining support to write can be a disheartening affair. It is, in Kuala Lumpur, hard to find people who value and appreciate the art for what it is and what it stands for – thought and ideas.

Writing, like any other art, engages the soul  with a community of readers, writers and other thinkers. And as Dina lamented that morning, “We seem to have been focusing on the wrong things, we are losing our soul.”

We want to bring back soul.

WritersClubKL began with just a group of writers trying to capture and express soul in the corporate world. They began making time every week to meet and share stories, which they have written. In the beginning the stories were mostly personal observations of what humanity is, or has become, but gradually began spinning off on creative angles and experimentation with writing styles and creativity. After successful weekly meetings, the group’s writings became more confident and expressive as the writers themselves were encouraged by each other. In lieu of the growth, the group then started up this blog-zine collating their original creative pieces.

At first, we did not think much of it.

It began with three members, and then we had five and now ten including author Dina, who had kindly volunteered her time to mentor and help us writers blossom. The most encouraging part was seeing people actually read this blog and leaving positive feedback. The likes, and the follows soon followed (pun intended). It is all very motivating and keeps us writing.

However, it is not just about us anymore.

We realised that it is not about us feeding our souls by being able to write anymore. It is about encouraging those with the same passion and reaching out to those out there who need some soul-feeding. So we kept on going, building culture, and feeding souls, if you like.

p.s. all work on this blog are authors’ originals…so just note copyrights reserved.

(the picture on our header, Old Bookshop, was downloaded from DeviantArt.)