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Dear Uncle – for DraftSpace April


In the United States, it is reported that last year, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys was a victim of child sexual abuse. In Malaysia, the numbers are hard to… Continue reading

Amanda Grey


Amanda Grey woke up one morning and peered out her window. It was a picturesque summer morning, with the sun shining on the green grass, the colorful flowers crowding the flower beds and… Continue reading



  Elsa wandered into the room, wondering what lay behind the cream door. It was a bathroom.   Light streamed through – it was day outside. And judging by the intensity of the… Continue reading



Word prompt for Wednesday Stories is FIREFLY and the picture prompt for Friday Flash is   Why one writes is a question I can answer easily, having so often asked it of myself. I… Continue reading

Wednesday Stories: Celestine


By Sheryl Chieng Laughter burns calories Alcohol creates memories My favourite cakes give me diabetes I never wanted to learn about the birds & the bees Escape to a far-off fantasy place Where… Continue reading

Friday Flash: Steps back


Little boys and girls have very fragile egos.But Maman’s father did not know this. He felt that as a single father, Struggling through the days and well into the night That his responsibility… Continue reading

Friday Flash: Love Lane


Ah, Love Lane. Dapper boys knock on doors Opened by smiling girls A red or pink flower in their hair Floral dresses that hug their waists Whisked away To stroll hand in hand… Continue reading

Stringing daffodils


Photo Credit: He looks up from the dusty ground After the bullies had had their fill of laughter and taunting Turning over, he looked up at the blue sky Clouded with fluffy… Continue reading

Friday fictioneers: Lemonades + summer


For Madison Woods’ picture prompt flash fiction challenge.

Red Sky


Bambi sat by the river, drenching her feet in the cool waters. “By the rivers of Babylon,…” she hummed the Boney M song to herself and smiled. That was the first time she… Continue reading

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