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There was a small grey mouse in the corner of the room. It’s tiny pink paws scuttling around the base of the wall, sniffing about with it’s pert shivering whiskers, a long spindly… Continue reading



Threa twirled the soft orange seeds between her fingers, using the water to loosen the grime. She stared at them, taking her time to wash, then fill, then wash, then fill the glass… Continue reading



She stands on rooftops. She watches her city. She waits. Armed to the teeth, scimitars at her sides, she swings from the balconies of the terraced houses, till finally she begins to run along… Continue reading

Bathing Blue


Did you know, that wherever you are, whatever day it is, the moon is never bigger than your outstretched thumb? I put a lot of faith in constants, and that’s my constant. Knowing… Continue reading



She wanted her words to be true. Whatever they chose to be, if they weren’t true, they meant nothing. She’d picked up his call that day, completely unsuspecting. She hadn’t really known why… Continue reading

Sunday Ramblings: A Peek into the Journal of Sara A. Trett


Drawing together worlds and universes in the backlit veins of my eyelids. Escaping the physical, and flying out into the clouds where everything’s intangible and nothing can touch you.

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