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Excerpts from Cafe Vinaigrette


Earl Grey special English brew served with lavender honey and milk on request, choice of cup or pot “Good morning, peanut.” “Did you have a good night’s sleep, sweetness?” “The best, my eclair, I’m feeling… Continue reading

Writers: Are You Careful With Your Power?


A video that illustrates my point. Just be warned: there is a weird sock puppet in it. I don’t know what Hank was thinking that day. — Here’s what we’ve learned so far:… Continue reading

Questions to ponder


A few excerpts from “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott: If your deepest beliefs drive your writing, they will not only keep your work from being contrived but will help you discover what… Continue reading

Gloaming- a poem about the undiscerned, and the undiscerning


Cascading. A certain memory, Driving up Genting Seems like it was almost 30 km per hour, crawling. Round the mountain She goes. Landslide. Fifty thousand fireflies, Caught in a glass bottle an old… Continue reading

Change and questions


The world is always going through change. Most of us – even those out of the literary world – will know that how we read, write and publish is evolving every minute. For… Continue reading

On freedom and telling the truth


Today I am sharing an excerpt by another writer, who addresses so well what I am struggling to explore and discuss [on truth]: See, the thing is, as a writer you are free.… Continue reading

Learning to write


When I began to write, I was – consciously or not – setting out on a journey. To discover. To know. To wonder. To make sense of. To escape. To fly. A few… Continue reading

Friday Flash: Placidly


The firefly skimmed across the placid waters. Ripples. Not circular ones, but one long slim ripple cut across. The old man draws a deep breath and declares for the world to hear, I… Continue reading

Dance of the pen


The dance of the pen is something else Something magical – an ordinary wand Turning pumpkins into carriages Blank paper into manuscripts Mushrooms into imaginary homes Starlight into wishes come true The dance… Continue reading



Listen Children’s laughter Arguments with your lover Banter at the market downstairs Hum of the washing machine Look Grime on the oven Apples on the bench Swirls on the ceiling Freshly washed tiles… Continue reading

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