Am longing to linger on dear…


The trumpets sounded and it went off. The song that is. The one that played in his head over and over again and he smiled tapping his foot on the marble floor sipping… Continue reading

Scary guy in the corner


I noticed him over the rim of my cup as I took a sip of my spearmint tea. I nearly threw up. No, not really but I thought it would give the story… Continue reading

All because of the Rain


Pitter-patter raindrops scatter, cool air lingers around the space. She loved the sound of rain on the roof but he did not. In fact, he loathed it. When the rain touched upon the… Continue reading

Excerpt from Chasing Ghazali


“I instantly felt a certain kind of emptiness at their departure. My room never felt so big and for the first time ever since I set out to travel, I was starting to… Continue reading

Dance Sweet Ballerina


The ballerina floats in her pink shoes, with ribbons that criss-crossed all the way up to her calves. She spins and dances and she never tires, never falls. That is me, she whispers… Continue reading

A Short Story: Brothers


“You come close. I take off its head!” My breath caught. “I not bluffing!” A sob escaped.

Slow dancing in a burning room


Do you know what it sounds like?… Or maybe what it looks or feels like? A room on fire. I looked at her deep eyes. The sparkle that was once there had faded.… Continue reading

Tripping in Amsterdam


Can paper cranes fly to carry you and I up towards the blue blue sky, will we see the fairies skip as you take cherries for a sweet trip to Amsterdam and back.… Continue reading

Warped Romanticism


She was beautiful, and as he watched her lying there in the sofa, with her head resting on the plush armrests and her black hair draped across the red and white fabric of… Continue reading

Two! No More Than Two! (continued)


The Lover lets himself in to my apartment, drops his suitcase and comes to a halt. The air is thick with almost a pack of Virginia Slims and he knows I never smoke… Continue reading

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