Two! No More Than Two! (Part 1)


I’m making my way up the five flights of stairs (panting and wheezing which makes it difficult to be furtive) and then I get to the DOOR. I give the secret knock. It… Continue reading

The Carrot Tree


There was a certain carrot tree that bore the carrot fruit down by the old cathedral on dreary lane, and it was an unusual sight only because carrots are roots and do not… Continue reading

A wondrous beginning


This is it kids. No turning back now.



She’s got this orange hair, a kind of bold, lightning orange I’ve never seen before, or if I were to describe it : think of the end of a particularly mild-weathered day, the… Continue reading

The Kensington Swan


Yes dear Mr.Kensington had been waiting for love the whole 40 years of his life now. 40 whole years. Mrs.Barnes’ heart sank when she heard him say 40 whole years and her heart filled immediately with an intense sort of sadness for the man and she began to clear the table. It was not fair was it now? Did he not deserve to love, or be loved?

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