Writers: What will you do with your power?


We’ve established that, as writers, we have great power. That fiction creates reality. So what kind of reality are you going to create? Are you going to write about lollipops and rainbows and… Continue reading

Wednesday Stories: Roundabout


She walked around her own home running her fingers over the couch, allowing the red velvet upholstery to kiss her fingers. Her footprints were deliberately slow, and she pressed her feet down hard… Continue reading



The word prompt for Wednesday Stories is ROUNDABOUT and the picture prompt for Friday Flash is All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” – Jack Kerouac p.s. You can email… Continue reading

On freedom and telling the truth


Today I am sharing an excerpt by another writer, who addresses so well what I am struggling to explore and discuss [on truth]: See, the thing is, as a writer you are free.… Continue reading



The word prompt for Wednesday Stories is CLANDESTINE and the picture prompt for Friday Flash is Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you… Continue reading

Just a short note from a fellow Writer


A title can make or break a book! Ever wondered what might have happened if The Great Gatsby was launched under its original name Trimalchio in West Egg! Or if William Faulkner’s The… Continue reading



  Elsa wandered into the room, wondering what lay behind the cream door. It was a bathroom.   Light streamed through – it was day outside. And judging by the intensity of the… Continue reading

Much to my Chagrin


Dear Friends, I unabashedly declare my love for correspondence. Hell, I’ll shout it out from the rooftops, but I’d much rather write to you about it. I wrote letters to friends I saw… Continue reading



The word prompt for Wednesday Stories is SERPENTINE And the picture prompt for Friday Flash is It is in books, poems, paintings which often give us the confidence to take seriously feelings in… Continue reading

Learning to write


When I began to write, I was – consciously or not – setting out on a journey. To discover. To know. To wonder. To make sense of. To escape. To fly. A few… Continue reading

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