So here’s how we do it:

Mondays is the day we post the word-prompt for Wednesday stories and the Friday photo-prompt for Friday flash. To participate in Wednesday Stories and Friday Flash you can either email your stories to, or if you rather post your stories on your own blog feel free to link it to the relevant Monday prompt page, and also cut and paste your link onto the comments. We will hop over and read up on your submissions. Just tag your stories, and also indicate the word/photo you are responding to. There are no real rules, just as long as the story was inspired by the word/picture.

Wednesday is of course the day for Wednesday Stories, the responses for the word prompt go up.

Fridays are Friday Flash, when the responses for the picture prompt go up.

Saturdays are our contributor column days.

Sundays we will post the random ramblings, thoughts, updates and conversations, if there is anything worthwhile to say.

So check back often and enjoy our stories!