Jump on our bandwagon

So we are asking for your support.

Supporting WritersClubKL means supporting local writers, supporting our cause in creating more works, supporting our cause in encouraging reading and creative thinking, encapsulating life in the form of word craft, feeding souls in the hungry city and building culture.

How can you support us, you say?

We envision monthly readings, for a more interactive sharing of creative works for those who love stories and want to sit in, share their views and talk to us about the issues and concepts within our writings. It is not just for us writers, but it is to build a community of readers and more importantly, thinkers. So here is what you can do to help us:

Partner with us. You can host our events and launches or even do something together with us to support the cause.

Turn up to our events. Read with us. Write with us. Fellow writers do contribute.

Spread the love. Share us with your world.

And of course you could show support in any other way you would like – we are open to possibilities.

So jump on this bandwagon in the cause towards, let’s hear it again: Building culture, Feeding souls.

We hope to hear from you.

Email us at writersclubkl@gmail.com and get in touch with us!